June, 2020

Lithuania Startup National Cup Championship 2020

Vilnius, Klaipėda, Kaunas 
UTC+3 (Vilnius)            

Results of the Lithuania Startup National Cup Championship 2020

689 points
Project №24
"Smart write"
MiniBoss league
621 points    
Project №25
"Move charging"
MiniBoss league
546 points
Project №21
MiniBoss league
665 points
Project №22
"Severe Bullying"
MiniBoss league
634 points
Project №18
"Clean World"
MiniBoss league
624 points
Project №29
"Tyras Taškas"
MiniBoss league

Projects (Part 1)

01. Tent campers
02. Heels shoes
03. Cleaning Film
04. Cosmo Shoes
05. Sun Buddies
06. ECO Pen
07. UKG
08. KiDS hand sanitizer spray
09. Lego-Kings
10. 4 STEPS
11. Ateik ir Pasislėpk
12. Magic-Help
13. Smart-Help
14. LightGloss
15. Kupranugaris

Projects (Part 2)

16. NeoSticks
17. Twinlips
18. Clean World
19. Toys Trip
21. NCP
22. Severe Bullying (SAGE)
23. Clean Earth
24. Smart write
25. Move charging
26. Gaminu Vienas
27. Elektroninė Skaitykla
28. Hand-Made Wear
29. Tyras Taškas

Jury members

Andrey Azarov
Olga Azarova
Diana Blazaitiene
Mindaugas Daraškevičius
Dimitrij Artamoshkin
Agnė Krasauskaitė
Eduard Matvejev
Vladislav Ošovskij
Martynas Šaikus
Greta Sirvidaite
Mantas Svidras
Viktoriya Chindatskaya

1. «Tent campers»

Designed a recyclable cardboard tent to reduce single use of tents while camping in festivals or nature.

Gasparėnas Faustas


Gagytė Urtė


Gelažauskaitė Goda

Асанов Асанали

Kezytė Sofija

Асанов Асанали

Šilobritaitė Lėja

Асанов Асанали

Surplytė Elžbieta


2. «Heels shoes»

A project that aims to create a new type of shoe that helps women
feel beautiful and comfortable while wearing high heels.

Ауелбек Алихан

Surplys Faustas

Касымбай Касымхан

Gelazauskas Adomas

Айсина Коркем

Kiela Bonifacijus

Еримбетов Алихан

Macijauskas Laurynas


3. «Cleaning Film»

A nano spray that reduces air pollution and keeps surfaces clean longer.

Сергеева Ксения

Makauskas Lukas

Пак Лилиана

Jonauske Ula

Колчев Демид

Skadzius Tauras


4. «Cosmo Shoes»

Future shoes for children with smart technology.

Ким Анжелина

Maniusyte Gertruda

Уалиева Нурия

Maniusyte Guoda


5. «Sun Buddies»

A project that wants to reduce pollution in the world by producing recycled plastic phone
cases that can also charge phones with solar energy.

Peterzikaite Urte

Сергеева Ксения

Baltsersen Rasmus

Сергеева Ксения

Aukstikalnis Julijus


6. «ECO Pen»

A pen with a body made of organic material, from raspberries.

Butenyte Egle


Ruskevic Artiom


Glebauskaite Saule


7. «UKG»

Bamboo felt-tip pens, bamboo body that can be used many times, but the heart needs to be changed.

Stebulaityte Kornelija


Samaviciute Ursule


Rimkus Gustas


8. «KiDS hand sanitizer spray»

Hand sanitiser KiDS was created for kids by kids in the labaratory. It smells good and is pocket size, allowing children and their parents to keep up safety habits.

Deduchovaite Rusne


Rasinskas Dilanas


Rasinskaite Karina


Demidovas Nedas


9. «Lego-Kings»


Dorelaitis Vilius


Daraskevicius Tauras


Balciunas Kristijonas


10. «4 STEPS»


Steponavicius Benas


Stagniunas Gustas


Radzevicius Vincentas


11. «Ateik ir Pasislėpk»


Malakauskaite Vasare


Kontautaite Saule


12. «Magic-Help»


Bernotavicius Matas


Meilutis Atas


Vasauskas Gustas


13. «Smart-Help»


Norkus Lukas

Дуплий Егор

Oviciarovas Grantas

Дуплий Егор

Ivanauskas Titas


14. «LightGloss»


Gervickaite Mija

Дуплий Егор

Milasiute Vakare

Дуплий Егор

Sukyte Fausta

Дуплий Егор

Kontautaite Migle


15. «Kupranugaris»


Jusaityte Fausta

Дуплий Егор

Jusaityte Lukne


16. «NeoSticks»


Vasauskaite Eva

Дуплий Егор

Meilute Vesta


17. «Twinlips»


Cesynaite Patricija

Дуплий Егор

Bulota Joris


18. «Clean World»

An online game or an effective leisure game designed to get used to sort garbage.

Glebauskas Matas

Дуплий Егор

Capaite Gabija


19. «Toys Trip»

An online platform for children to exchange toys.

Gedminas Lukas

Дуплий Егор

Butkevicius Kajus

Дуплий Егор

Vaitkevicius Adomas


20. «LOJALA»

A mobile application that will unite all loyalty and discount cards.

Kregzdaite Monika

Дуплий Егор

Naujokaite Kamila


Urte Radzeviciute


21. «NCP»

Unnecessary Sugar in the World - a filter-stopper that will help filter out
unnecessary sugar contained in beverages.

Jurgelionis Vytenis

Дуплий Егор

Butkute Adrrija


22. «Severe Bullying»

Project against bullying is social initiative project where children share their stories about being bullied in electronic book. The goal of it is to encourage children to look for help.

Kuramsina Gabriele

Дуплий Егор

Ronning Amanda

Дуплий Егор

Chudik Greta


23. «Clean Earth»

Plastic bag pressing machine. It is a project that protects nature, optimizes the recycling process of plastic bags and introduces order at home.

Kairyte Gabija

Дуплий Егор

Silobritaite Sandra


24. «Smart write»

An app that will facilitate and change the distance learning process.

Kasparavicius Kajus


Dudzinskas Titas


Valskyte Vilte


Ruzgyte Migle


25. «Move charging»

A device that encourages more mobility and helps to always have more energy for smart devices.

Sobasek Maksim

Дуплий Егор

Golod Daniel


26. «Gaminu Vienas»


Klumbyte Margarita

Дуплий Егор

Dorelaitis Vilius

Дуплий Егор

Visiljevaite Goda


Dorelaityte Julija

Дуплий Егор

Ulinskas Ignas

Дуплий Егор

Bakanas Nojus


27. «Elektroninė Skaitykla»


Alarbied Dilan

Дуплий Егор

Alarbied Dilara

Дуплий Егор

Seskauskas Azuolas

Дуплий Егор

Vorotinskas Oskaras

Дуплий Егор

Bakanas Kajus


28. «Hand-Made Wear»


Vasilkeviciute Elze

Дуплий Егор

Pakamanyte Egle

Дуплий Егор

Juodaityte June

Дуплий Егор

Taruskaite Meta


29. «Tyras Taškas»


Daraskeviciute Fausta


Paulauskaite Vilte


Bagdonavicius Naglis


Lukminaite Leila


Majauskas Matas